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  • Location: 1181-76, Nokcha-ro, Boseong-eup, Boseong-gun ・Plot Size: 13,862 m2

  • Ground Area: 1,882 m2

  • Processing Plants: 1,645 m2

Core Facilities and Operations

  • Processing Plants: 3 Facilities in Korea for Green Tea Processing incl. Terada Tea Manufacturing Facility

  • Large-Scale, Low-Temperature Storage

  • Joint Working Group & Tea Leaf Purchases: May-October (Annually) ・Recipe Development and Consulting with Expert Tea Masters

Daily Production

  • 120 kg/h Lines: 1.2 Tons

  • 680 kg/h Lines: 6.8 Tons

  • 1,000/h of Pyramid Tea Bags



Through its Boseong Green Tea Processing Center, the Boseong Green Tea Producers Association is capable of consignment manufacturing of trustworthy and competitive tea products through OEM and ODM.

유네스코 블랜딩티

UNESCO APCEIU tea blends

세미원 블랜딩티

Semiwon tea blends

제이드가든 블랜딩티

Jade Garden tea blends

전라남도 티

Jullanamdo tea blends

고흐 티

Gogh exhibition tea blends

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